VINCENT in my happy tough Life

A bit sombre and mute, I walk through the street today and I saw everything that that freed my mind and gave it the tonic it so needed. My surprise has been, how it sucked to all the ‘Vincent’, that littered on the way as I walked. It’s a fantasy to live in my neighbourhood and walk the paths I do. Not to mention that they say it’s posh. And that’s because it comes from your mind, and breaks above the barrier of money and chance. It’s Pinterest, I love it.

So many things are giving money a run for it’s money, distance and privilege, so little to keep away from me. I am happy and that complements the joy I know. I may not pin it, the way they wrote it, and that because it comes from my mind. On my site I have my boards, in my boards I have my own house under the sun; a life for me and a cashless world full of Leonardo Da Vinci, Paul Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh. It’s Pinterest, I love it.

Leonard Chintua-Chigbu
Listening and Creative Communication Artiste
BA Fine Art (Painting) University of Benin 1986


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