LUCAS was in the University


LUCAS was intelligent and had a good life in the the university. He had a girl friend who was studying in another university in the northern part of the country.

Somehow, for some wrong choices he may have made, he was dropped out of the university and his father threatened that he did not want to see Lucas ever again.

Lucas was out of school but could not come home to the town where his family lived. He hung around a neighboring town, not knowing what to do. During this period, he came to a change of heart and his attitude was largely positive. His situation persisted, but he was willing to work his way through it.

Lucas and I met later on and he needed to talk. We became friends and over a period of time he talked and I listened. We became ideas-partners and tested out a couple of business initiatives together. These weren’t much, neither did they produce much. But they were good for day to day survival and something to do for luck and miracle.

Lucas never made it back to the university, and his father never quite forgave him, but he had overcome his demons and things were better than before. He later traveled abroad where his girlfriend joined him and they got married.

If you feel a need to talk; to be listened to, you could share your story here or privately send me an email.

Let’s share the burden.

Thank you so much.

My name is Leonard.

I will be very much around the media, and you will please help me keep this going. Do let me have your comments and sincere feedback. I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Leonard Chintua-Chigbu
Listening and Creative Communication Artist
BA Fine Art (Painting) University of Benin 1986

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